7 Disturbingly Clever Food Hacks You’ll Definitely Want To Try

, 7 Disturbingly Clever Food Hacks You’ll Definitely Want To Try, The Evepost Huff News
, 7 Disturbingly Clever Food Hacks You’ll Definitely Want To Try, The Evepost Huff News

Who doesn’t love a good food hack? Yes, there’s a traditional way to eat your spaghetti, but why not introduce scissors into the mix? Open up your mind and try something in a different, even a better way.

A writer recently went viral for the way she applies vinegar to her chips. Her trick includes decanting it into a spray bottle so she can spritz the stuff on her food.

Clever right? It means you get to control how much of the good stuff you want on your fries. And she’s not the only one with a food hack to show off.

Here are seven foodie techniques you’ll want to try next time.

Spray that vinegar

Holly Brockwell’s method is pretty self-explanatory. Find a spray bottle and fill it with vinegar, then spray away. But it has to be said, you’ll want to use a new bottle instead of converting, say, an old cleaning spray as you don’t want to consume any harmful residue.

Scissor your pizza and pasta

Put away that pizza cutter, it’s flimsy and you probably end up slicing it all wrong. It might be time to use a pair of scissors to cut your slices instead.

And hey it might look wrong but you can use the scissors for when you’re eating spaghetti too, as expertly shown in the video above.

Use a spoon to stop over-boiling

Isabella Avilla offers us three different hacks for the price of one in the clip above. Her first includes flipping the pan instead of your food, the second is to use a can opener from the top, not the side. And the one we enjoyed a lot – using a spoon to stop water overflowing on the stove.

We know how annoying it is when you’re making rice or pasta and you leave the pan on the stove, only to come and find the water has over-boiled and flooded the cooker with carby residue.

Well, apparently, you can use a wooden spoon to control the spill as wood is hydrophobic and can’t absorb the water. The spoon destabilises the bubbles when they come into contact with its water-repelling surface.

That plastic ring in oil bottles?

You know that plastic ring you pull off to open a bottle of oil? Well, as TikTokkers proved, you’re supposed to turn that around and push it back onto the top of the bottle so you can control the oil coming out. Genius.

Maximise your cheese grater

Apparently you’re supposed to use a cheese grater on its side so it holds all the cheese. And as shown in the hack galore video above, you can also use a grater to separate coriander from its stems.

Fold your cereal boxes

Those who don’t have decant their cereal into a container know how annoying it is when your grains go stale, but maybe we’re just doing it all wrong. This hack shows that you can simply press the sides together to close the top off and stop air getting through.

Keep your cucumbers fresh

We’ve all been there – faced with the ‘ugly’ side of the cucumber after it’s been left in the fridge. Instead of cutting this piece and throwing it away, keep the top of the cucumber (which you might normally throw away) and stick it to the remainder with a cocktail stick. This should preserve the moistness.

The more you know…